The Essential Baseball Library

Compiled by Dennis LePore and Steve Johnson


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The Sandlot Shrink would like to thank the following SABR members for their input:

Mike Shannon, editor of Spitball Magazine and author of two noteworthy books, Diamond Classics: Essays on 100 of the Best Baseball Books Ever Published and Baseball: The Writers Game.

Morris Eckhouse, Executive Director of the Society for American Baseball Research (440-575-0500).

Dick Derby, owner of Yannigan's Baseball Memories, where many of the above books can be found (440-899-2678).

Ted Diadiun, former sports editor of The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Herb Moss, SABR member.

Additional Sources:

Guide to Baseball Literature edited by Anton Grobani (1975).

Baseball: A Comprehensive Bibliography, Supplement 1 edited by Myron J. Smith (1993).

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