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Monday, February 15, 1999


Baseball in '41 by Robert W. Creamer (1991). Reviews events leading up to World War II. See more extensive review under "Seasonal Histories".

Even the Browns: The Zany, True Story of Baseball in the Early Forties by William B. Mead (1978). Mead tells the story of what happened to baseball after the outbreak of World War II from Pearl Harbor through the 1945 season. An extremely thorough job of research, coupled with anecdotes makes this book one of the premier works on wartime baseball. Contemporary Books, Inc.

Spartan Seasons: How Baseball Survived the Second World War by Richard Goldstein (1980). Similar in scope to Mead's book on the subject, it is equally as thorough in its approach. From the stars' departure to the Browns' only pennant and everything in between, this is a great read. Macmillan.

A Tiger in His Time: Hal Newhouser and the Burden of Wartime Baseball by David M. Jordan (1990). Written before Newhouser's election to the Baseball Hall of Fame, it is none-the-less a well-written biography of Prince Hal, one of the greatest Tiger pitchers of all time. Details his early rough days with the Tigers to his MVP seasons at the end of World War II to his final days with the Cleveland Indians. Diamond Communications, Inc.

When the Boys Came Back: Baseball and 1946 by Frederick Turner (1996). The war was over and baseball had to rebuild itself. Turner makes 1946 come alive. See "Season Histories" for more of this book.


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