The Essential Baseball Library

April 8, 1997 


Baseball by Walter Iooss, Jr. & Roger Angel (1984). Iooss's spectacular photography is the highlight of the book throughout.

This Great Game edited by Doris Townsend (1971). Features the photography of Fred Kaplan and Richard Raphael and the artwork of LeRoy Nieman.

Diamonds Are Forever edited by Peter H. Gordon (1987). Features the best of baseball paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and sculpture plus essays from Boswell, Kahn, Kinsella, Roth and Updike. 1987 Casey Award winner.

Baseball's Golden Age: The Photos of Charles M. Conlon edited by Neal & Constance McCabe (1993). Classic photos from one of the pioneers.

The Game That Was edited by Richard Cahan and Mark Jacob (1996). Features the timeless photographs of George Brace from the 1930s, '40s and '50s with accompanying text.


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