1997 Best Sports Books

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Money Players: Days and Night Inside the New NBA by Armen Keteyian, Harvey Araton and Martin F. Dardis. The authors blow the lid off the NBA with charges of gambling, drug abuse, backroom deals, racism and connections with organized crime. They also take their shot at the manipulative David Stern, as well as the gambling problems of Michael Jordan and Isaiah Thomas and the investigation of the murder of Jordan's father.

My Story by Jack Nicklaus. The Golden Bear gives the inside story of all his accomplishments, competitive highlights, his battles with Arnold Palmer and some failures on and off the pro tour. Not only is he one of the greatest golfers in history, he has also succeeded in family and business pursuits and has become one of the premiers students of golf history. Simon & Schuster.

The Name Game: Football, Baseball, Hockey & Basketball: How Your Favorite Sports Teams Were Named by Michael Leo Donovan. Want to know why your team was named the Bluebombers, the Lookouts, the Nittany Lions or the Zips? It's all right here in an interesting and well-researched paperback. Warwick Publishing.

The Only Way I Know by Cal Ripken Jr. The new iron man of baseball tells his own story from youth to one of the most loved and respected figures in sports today. He also reveals his personal feelings about the game of baseball and what needs to be done about its problems. Viking Press.

Pigskin: The Early Years of Pro Football by Robert W. Peterson. An informative view of football from the 1880s to the 1950s when television began playing a major role in the sport. Included are profiles of early dynasties and the star players such as Red Grange, Bronco Nagurski and Jim Thorpe. Peterson also examines the pre-NFL days when collegiate teams like Yale, Harvard and Princeton paid players under the table to perform and touches on the old AAFC where the Cleveland Browns dominated from 1946-1949. Oxford University Press.

This Game's the Best! by George Karl with Don Yeager. George Karl, the fiery coach of the Sonics, speaks frankly about the state of the game today. He delves into the phony marketing of the game, the spoiled superstar players, the exploitation and poor guidance of the league's young players and the greedy agents who are behind most of it. He also comments on Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Pat Riley, Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkely and several others top NBA names. St. Martin's Press.

Total Football: The Official Encyclopedia of the National Football League edited by Bob Carroll, Michael Gersham, David Neft and John Thorn. The ultimate pro football reference book and a must for every football fan's library. Stories, statistics, scores and much more covering 77 years of NFL action. Harper Collins Publishers.

Training a Tiger: A Father's Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life by Earl Woods with Pete McDaniel. Tiger Woods father reveals his training and instructional techniques that turned his son into a champion-- on and off the course. Through pictures and diagrams, he explains in plain English how and when to start with the proper equipment and how to develop a relationship with your child while teaching him/her good practice habits, etiquette and rules for behavior. Harper Collins Publishers.

Unstoppable: The Story of George Mikan by George L. Mikan and Joseph Oberle. The story of the legendary Mikan, basketball's first superstar, is a fascinating read for those interested in the early days of the game. His is the inspiring story of the true underdog who never stopped believing in himself. He was the NBA's first drawing card and led his teams to six titles in seven years, overcoming non-stop criticism in college and as a rookie to succeed. Masters Press.


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