2012 NBA Draft

Newark, N.J.


1. Anthony Davis New Orleans Hornets PF, Age 19 – Davis (6'10' 225) is a top defensive player (blocks, rebounds, steals) who needs to improve his offensive game and add strength. He averaged 14.2 points and 10.4 rebounds per game for a Kentucky team that won the national championship and led the nation in blocked shots per game (4.7). “I don’t think (All-Star potential) is too much to anticipate or consider,” one scout said. “He has tremendous physical ability and such a great work ethic. He has a tremendous upside.”

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Charlotte Bobcats SF, Age 18 – MKG (6'7' 232) is a slasher who can also play outstanding defense. He plays with a lot of energy and is probably the most NBA-ready prospect here. Will make a serious impact this year but he is young so don’t overdraft him. He sometimes struggles with his jumper.

3. Bradley Beal Washington Wizards SG, Age 18 – Beal (6'7' 232) might be the best shooter in the draft. He is smart, gets some rebounds and can play defense. He has trouble creating though, due to poor ball handling skills, but is young enough to improve. He may not start right away but will be there at the end.

4. Dion Waiters Cleveland Cavaliers SG, Age 20 – Waiters (6'4' 215) is not a star caliber player but should pair up nicely with Kyrie Irving who will take some of the pressure off him. He should start right off the bat but needs to improve his defense. Needs work on his long game but he can create as well as anybody in this draft. Should be a solid mid-round pick.

5. Thomas Robinson Sacramento Kings PF, Age 21 – Robinson (6'10' 237) is a big rebounder who should play a lot of minutes right off the bat and garner loads of boards. Has a lot of post work to do though and won’t score a lot.

6. Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers PG, Age 22 – Lillard (6'3' 195) will likely be the starting point guard so he has value in the later rounds. He can score (24.5 last year at Weber State) but needs to improve his defense and passing mind-set if he is to be a pure point man. Needs to show he can produce against top competition as well.

7. Harrison Barnes Golden State Warriors SF, Age 20 – Barnes (6'8' 215) can shoot and could win a starting job but touts are mixed on his upside. He has a solid mid-range game and is strong for his size but has trouble creating. Could be a sleeper in the later rounds if he gets enough playing time.

8. Terrence Ross Toronto Raptors SG, Age 21 – Ross (6'6' 190) is a pure shooter but cannot create and needs work on defense. Some think this was quite a reach. Look for him to come off the bench to provide some offense this year.

9. Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons C, Age 18 – Drummond (6'11' 275) is raw and will have little value this year. With no offensive game, what little he contributes will be rebounds and blocks.

10. Austin Rivers New Orleans Hornets SG-PG, Age 19 – Rivers (6'4' 199) is trying to learn the point guard position so they can have him and Eric Gordon on the court at the same time. "For most of the summer we're going to try to play him as the point guard and put the ball in his hands and see how he can run a team," assistant coach James Borrego said. "He's growing every day, learning the position.” His assets are quickness and energy to score but needs to develop his playmaking skills in a hurry.

11. Meyers Leonard Portland Trail Blazers C, Age 20 – Leonard (7'0' 240) will get his share of rebounds and blocks this year but they need time to let his offensive game develop. He should see a fair amount of playing time though.

12. Jeremy Lamb Houston Rockets SG, Age 20 – Lamb (6'5' 180) is a pure shooter and decent defensive player but does not create well and needs to add strength. He could get some playing time behind the disappointing Kevin Martin at some point.

13. Kendall Marshall, Phoenix Suns, PG, Age 20 – Marshall (6'4' 195) is a top playmaker and ball handler but is still kind of raw is certain aspects. He fits well in the Suns’ run and gun philosophy and is a fine passer but has little offensive game.

14. John Henson, Milwaukee Bucks, PF, Age 24 – Henson (6'11' 220) can rebound and block shots but needs to add strength and develop his offensive game. Not much fantasy value.

15. Mo Harkless, Philadelphia 76ers, SF, Age 19 – Harkless (6'9' 190) has rebounding ability but needs to add strength and range. No fantasy value.

16. Royce White, Houston Rockets, PF, Age 21 – White (6'8' 270) is strong and should get his share of rebounds and points as he matures. He can handle the ball but is a tad slow and needs to work on a jumper.

17. Tyler Zeller, Cleveland Cavaliers, C, Age 22 – Zeller (7'0' 250) can rebound and block shots and should even score some this year. And he could play a lot as the Cavs transition to a younger team. Lack of athleticism is why he dropped this far.

18. Terrence Jones, Houston Rockets, PF, Age 20 – Jones (6'8' 244) can score and blocks a few shots but his shooting is inconsistent (although he can knock down some threes) and he lacks a true position. They like his size and athleticism.

19. Andrew Nicholson, Orlando Magic, PF, Age 22 – Nicholson (6'10' 240) gets his share of rebounds and blocks and can score as well (even from three-point territory). He needs to add strength to garner decent minutes this year. Not much fantasy value.

20. Evan Fournier, Denver Nuggets, SG, Age 19 – Fournier (6'7' 204) is a project. He can score from anywhere on the court but needs to improve his shot selection and lateral quickness on defense. Future playmaker has some potential down the road. No fantasy value this year.

21. Jared Sullinger, Boston Celtics, PF, Age 20 – Sullinger (6'9' 280) is a solid scorer/rebounder and possible steal this late in the first round. He dropped due to concerns about a bulging disk in his back and a poor showing at the pre-draft combine. But so far so good – he says he feels great.

22. Fab Melo, Boston Celtics, C, Age 22 – Melo (7'0' 274) is a top rebounder and shot blocker but is very raw offensively and probably won’t play much this year. No fantasy value.

23. John Jenkins, Atlanta Hawks, SG, Age 21 – Jenkins (6'4' 220) could be the best pure shooter in the draft but a lack of other skills could relegate him to a backup role this year. Not much fantasy value.

24. Jared Cunningham, Dallas Mavericks, SG, Age 21 – Cunningham (6'4' 194) is more of a defensive player. No fantasy value.

25. Tony Wroten, Memphis Grizzlies, PG, Age 19 – Wroten (6'5' 205) has point guard potential, but not this year. He has good size and passes well but needs to develop his jumper, free throw shot and ball-handling. He will chip in rebounds and steals though. No fantasy value.