Fantasy Football FAQ

I had someone unexpectedly drop out of my league the day before the draft, and with no one to replace him we are stuck with a 9-team league.  This has caused some complications with scheduling the head-to-head games each week.  The league's schedule on goes through week 13, due to league playoffs.  Any help that you could offer, or directions you could send me to get help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Set up the schedule so that 3 teams play each other instead of 2 teams. Assign some point system to the team that wins, comes in 2nd and the 3rd team. Or you can have a bye week for every team in the league. That would be 9 bye weeks total. You have to adjust the amount of games you play for your league. Have the odd team each week try to beat some average score set up by the league. Have the odd team each week beat the average score of the 4 losing teams scores averaged out. For example if the losing teams scored 78, 72, 60 and 44. The average score of those 4 games is 63.5. You have to decide whether to drop the percent point or average up or down to arrive at a score. That would be up to the league members. Any of these should add interest and keep things fair for all teams.

 2. You will probably be able to use a schedule for the next highest even number of teams (use a 16-team schedule for your 15-team league). Just type "BYE" in for one of the team names. There are very rare instances where this will not work. Go to for more info.

What stat services do you recommend?

Stat-O-Magic | Allstar Stats | USA Stats

Are there computer programs that might help me run my league?

Sierra Sports | SportsWare | Colossus | Fantasport | Spin Stats | Center Field Software | Stats World




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