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We would be happy to post your message on ourbulletin board. Please include a brief outline of your league with your city,state and e-mail address. Also, let us know when the position has been filled. Thereis no charge for this service. All listings are in chronological order startingwith the latest posting. Send to ~~ Why subscribe -Sandlot Shrink?

Leagues looking for players:

Long Island PointsLeague in existence for over 10 years.  Looking to add a couple of newteams. Live draft in Commack onSunday, March 16th.  League averages about 15 teams per year.  Iprocess all league stats and results.  All league fees go towards bigprize money fund.  If interested I will send you a copy of league rules.Semi-keeper league.  Only fourkeepers from previous years team.  Cannot keep any player drafted in thefirst five rounds the previous year.  New teams choose their keepers aweek before the draft.  New teams choose their four keepers from therosters of teams not returning from 2007.  New teams also may choose fromplayers not kept by returning teams.  We go out of the way to make sure itis very fair for new teams to fit right in at no disadvantage.   Ifinterested, contact Chris  ICECREAMMAN14@MSN.COM


DuBois, PA (but we have players from all over the world). Werun 4 leagues, 3 of which are established for years, two sets of twin leagues.Rotisserie 5x5 scoring, 12 and head-to-head, 3 divisions, 4 teams makingplayoffs. $115 entry fee. $100 of your $115 goes to payouts, so $1200 is paidout between 1/2/3 at $600/400/200 respectively. The other $15 pays your shareof the CBS console ($129.99/12= $10.83). The difference covers PayPal fees,typically $3.46 or more each. The league is paid for and paid out via PayPal. If you opt to send a money order, your league will cost only $110.83 butyou'll still be paid out via Paypal. E-mail for more details to apply.

Long time (20+ years) DC area live auction 5x5 keeperleagues looking for owners. 2 separate leagues, but same rules and many commonowners. Need 4 AL and 2 NL owners. Looking for new owners who want to be in aleague for the long haul. We are re-balancing the available teams to allow allnew owners a good chance to compete from day 1. Cost with stats should bearound $125. Auctions are weekend after opening day. If you are interested,contact Dave at


We are in a brand new Baseball Sim league that is about tostart and we are using Baseball Mogul online to do it. This service uses theplayer stats from before the 2006-2007 start of the season to assign attributesto the players and from there the players take on a life of their own. You asthe owner would be in charge of contracts, lineups, tv deals and etc... Westill have many of the teams available maybe even your favorite team so send mean email to johnnyknoxvillesr@hotmail.comto find out if your team is available. This service does cost 5$ a month or soand a season is simmed in about 3-4 weeks and then you prepare for the next. Ifyou have been a fantasy player for a while and wanted to take the next step nowis the time! We are a 5x5 keeper league (up to 8 players eachyear).  We have $260 in which to auction and your roster also includes 4reserve players (their salary is fixed and doesnít count towards the initialcap).  After the auction, the team salary cap rises to $320.  We usea bidding process for weekly free agents.  The total cost for the leagueis $400 for the base fee, $150 for free agent bidding money, and $25 for rosterexpansion in September making a total cost of $575.  All money is paid outto the top 3 spots plus category winners ($25 for each category).  We cantake up to 2 more teams so, please email me at  Ourdraft day is Sunday April 2nd at 9 am in NYC.  If you areserious, I can get you a copy of the rules and a link to our league page at 


5x5, $260 Keeper League in existence for yearsseeks a National League Owner to assume general manager duties of oneteam.  Prizes for finishers 1-6. The auction draft is Friday night, March31 at 7PM in Long Beach, New York.  Our Web Page is #0781 located on AllStar Stats.  If interested email me at

Northern NJ (NYC area) 5x5 AL/NL combined with 4 openings. A, B, Ccontracts with no ability to extend. 14 position player and 9 pitcher startingline-up with 10 reserves and farm team. Live draft in Totowa on Sunday April 2,2006 at 5PM (food at 4:30pm). $250 per team fee. Stats on TQ Stats. Ifinterested, e-mail finfanlar@aol.comor will send rules and rosters upon request. Half price option available for newteams that feel they may need a year to learn the league before competing.


Brand new 5x5 mixed league auction draft to be held onMar 25-26 in Phoenix. This is part of The Fantasy Draft www.thefantasydraft.compackage at Phoenix Municipal Stadium at 11am Saturday, Mar 25th. Cost is $250per person which includes league entry, the suite rental, tickets to theOakland A's v. Colorado Rockies game on Sunday the 26th, Rotoworld's DraftGuide, 3 months free at, and food and drink during the draft. We have not yet decided whether we wantthis to be a keeper league or not, your input is welcome. If you areinterested, please e-mail me (

NL-only league that closely follows the original roto rules has 1 maybe 2openings! League is operated and drafted on Internet! Entry fee is $130..withtransactions @ $5. Owners can expect to spend $250 or so a year! All stats andtransactions are handled on TQStats website! For more info on roster and orconstitution email Bill @


16-team lifetime keeper league withplayer contracts and minor leaguers. Unlimited player transactions withdeadlines: trades add/drop, draft and free agent auction. H2H weeklyscoring, Monday-Sunday. 19 week schedule, 57 games- 3 games a week. Playoffs: 8teams, 4 from each conference. Live slow draft will start tentatively march 5that 9am.In this league an owner will have to make decisions of a real MLBmanager/owner during the season and during the off season, such as:Signing players to contracts, during the off-season, arbitration and the rule 5draft. If Interested email for complete rules. LEAGUEDUES ARE $65.

Fantasy Sports íRUsPay One Price-No TransactionFees. This year, you draft the complete team of 27 players. Keeper league teamowners protect 14 Players and have a 13 round supplemental draft yearly. Hosting head to head and rotisserie fantasysports leagues in baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Diamond Draft isfantasy baseball draft software for Windows. It automates
> the way you prepare and draft your fantasy baseball team.

Among the oldest and most popular RotisserieBaseball games on the Internet. Games include Winter BBM, Fantasy Seven,Ultimate and more.

Players looking for leagues:

I joined some onlineleagues last year and enjoyed them, but am interested in finding a league inAustin, Texas, so I can participate in a live draft and have some possibilityof interaction with the other league members. I am atransplanted Cubs fan, so part of me wants to participate in an AL league becauseI always mixed feelings when teams do well or poorly against the Cubs, but Ithink Iíll end up deciding that I want to be in a mixed league. BradBayliff

Looking for a fantasy baseball league in thegreater Cleveland area. Kenny Filbert You

Baseball cards and memorabilia:

Buy, sell, trade. The Sandlot Shrink has a backlogof baseball and football cards (1950-1986) we would like to trade or sell. Wealso have want lists we are looking to fill. If interested, email us at Thank you



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